The Medit i700 Digital Scanner to Enhance Comfort and Convenience

Diagnostic and treatment planning technology for dental and orthodontic care has come a long way from the standards of the past. With today’s computer hardware and software capabilities, what may have required several visits to the office many years ago can often be done much more quickly and with fewer trips to the office for follow-up appointments. Digital scanning and impression technology is one of the best examples of this, and the team here at Restorative & Implant Dentistry of Bayside is proud to utilize one of the most advanced digital scanners available for many of our patients. 

The Medit i700 Digital Scanner can be advantageous in a variety of ways. Instead of requiring an uncomfortable putty impression for treatment planning, this digital impression technology is a rapid, painless way to create a high-definition blueprint that can be used as a foundation for customized procedures. A handheld digital wand is gently guided along oral structures and tissues to create a detailed image, which is then sent to a 3D printer. Rather than sending out the impression to an offsite dental laboratory, the Medit i700 technology essentially brings the lab to us. From surgical guides for dental implants to treatment planning for braces, retainers, temporary crowns, and occlusal bite guards for malocclusion, this scanning technique dramatically speeds things up. The process allows us to reduce the need for many of our patients to come back to our practice an excessive number of times since they won’t have to wait for an outside lab to complete this step. Digital scanning technology can also be incredibly precise, which can significantly increase the chances of the best possible treatment outcomes. Additionally, it can be a much more comfortable experience—it takes only a few minutes and doesn’t involve any physical dental impression materials being placed on the teeth. 

Dr. Sameet Sheth, Dr. Arpita Patel, and our entire team are always striving to create a more comfortable and convenient visit for our patients. The Medit i700 Digital Scanner is just one of the ways we can achieve those goals right at the start of the treatment process! If you would like more information on the many treatment options available at our practice, please contact us today.