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One of the most innovative advances in restorative dentistry to come along over the years is the implant-supported denture, or “implant denture.” Essentially, this treatment is a hybridized version of dental implants and a custom denture, which can provide patients missing several or all of their teeth with a solution that combines the advantages of both of these teeth replacement options. One of the more popular implant denture procedures available from our prosthodontist, Sameet Sheth, DDS, is called All-on-4®. With a denture prosthesis anchored to a select number of dental implants, All-on-4® can produce stable and natural-looking teeth replacement for patients who are missing all of their teeth on the upper and/or lower dental arches.

What Is All-on-4®?

All-on-4® is an implant-supported denture treatment designed to replace an entire row of missing teeth. Four dental implants are strategically placed in areas of the upper or lower jaw to provide a foundational support structure for a custom denture. The implants work in tandem with the denture to create teeth replacement results that function and feel more like natural teeth. The goal of All-on-4® is to give the denture prosthesis much more stability without reliance upon denture pastes and other adhesives to keep it securely in place.

What Are the Benefits of All-on-4® Dental Implants?

All-on-4® offers several benefits for patients who are missing all teeth on the upper dental arch, the lower dental arch, or in both areas. The potential advantages of this treatment include:

Additionally, All-on-4® may provide an alternative option for patients who have been previously told that they are not candidates for dental implants. Dr. Sheth can meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and help you determine whether All-on-4® is right for your goals.

What Does the All-on-4® Procedure Involve?

Dr. Sheth will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your oral structures and take high-definition x-rays to identify the ideal placement for the dental implants. Implant placement will be chosen based on the quality of bone density and which areas are likely to serve as the best foundation points for the custom denture. After the All-on-4® treatment plan is developed, the dental implants will be surgically anchored to the jawbone in the predetermined areas, where they should fuse to the bone and ultimately serve as a secure support system for the denture.

For many patients who need teeth replacement for just one dental arch, All-on-4® should only require four implants. For those who are having both arches replaced, the treatment will require a minimum of eight implants. In some cases, patients may need additional implants in order to provide more certainty that the denture is properly stabilized. For those individuals, the All-on-6 implant denture option may be more appropriate. All-on-6 utilizes the same basic technique as All-on-4®; however, this option involves the placement of two additional implants for each arch that is being treated.

How Much Does All-on-4® Cost?

The cost of the surgical component of All-on-4® dental implant procedures at our practice usually starts in the range of $8,500 per arch; this estimate can be higher depending on whether bone grafting, tooth extractions, or other treatments are necessary before the implants are placed. The all-inclusive prosthetic price range is approximately $25,000 per dental arch—this includes the provisional prosthesis placed during surgery and the final prosthesis made of zirconia, as well as all abutments and parts that will be necessary. It is very important to note that the price of All-on-4® can vary significantly among patients since this treatment is customized to each individual’s unique needs for teeth replacement. To determine the final cost of All-on-4®, factors such as the number of dental implants necessary to secure the denture appliance, the overall complexity of the procedure, and whether a single dental arch or both dental arches are being treated will be taken into account. The price will also include costs associated with the custom denture appliance and any necessary adjunctive treatments—such as tooth extraction or sedation dentistry techniques—that are added to the treatment plan. Once Dr. Sheth has performed the initial oral examination and you both determine that All-on-4® is the right option for your needs, he will design your treatment plan and a member of our team will produce a cost estimate that includes all related expenses. Our team is sensitive to the financial needs of our patients and we strive to make paying for treatment as convenient as possible. That’s why we accept a variety of payment methods, including third-party financing plans through a reputable lending agency that we regularly work with. We will be happy to answer your questions about the best way to fit All-on-4® dental implant procedures into your budget.

If you have questions about All-on-4® or other treatments available at Restorative & Implant Dentistry of Bayside, please contact our office today.