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With a comprehensive smile design and makeover, you can improve a number of aesthetic concerns affecting your teeth and give your smile a sparkling new appearance. Combining multiple dental procedures into one thorough smile makeover treatment plan can enhance your smile with beautiful results and address a variety of issues that may have been keeping you from smiling with confidence. Our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sameet Sheth, can help you realize the full potential of your smile with these advanced, customized treatments.

What Is a Smile Design and Makeover?

Smile design and makeover treatments are a way to precisely plan and create a comprehensive treatment designed to significantly enhance the appearance of your teeth. After your concerns have been evaluated and your new and improved smile is designed, a selection of options will be added to your treatment plan to produce a full smile makeover. For example a smile makeover can include a combination of treatments such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and others to address the specific conditions you would like to enhance. Whether you are experiencing significant discoloration, chipped or damaged teeth, misalignment, or even missing teeth, this procedure can include treatments to correct the issues and give your entire smile a full makeover.

What Concerns Can a Smile Makeover Address?

Because a smile makeover can consist of many different procedures, the concerns that it can address are vast and can vary greatly based on your individual needs. Missing teeth, gaps and spaces between the teeth, deep stains, crowded teeth, teeth that are misshapen or worn down, and many other concerns can be addressed by a smile makeover.

What Are My Smile Makeover Options?

Smile makeovers can include a variety of treatments and procedures based on your needs and ultimate goals. Our team will be able to help determine which procedures can benefit you the most once your dental concerns have been evaluated. A few of the more popular smile makeover options include:

What Is the Smile Design and Makeover Process Like?

Typically, the process begins with a meeting between you and Dr. Sheth to examine your teeth and identify the aesthetic conditions you would like to address. A series of x-rays and digital photographs can provide an initial smile design “blueprint” to determine which procedures and treatments may be ideal to include in the smile makeover treatment plan. Once you and Dr. Sheth decide on the specific treatment options that can help you achieve your goals, he will develop the treatment plan and talk to you about the next steps. Smile makeovers can be completed in a single procedure for some patients, or over a staged series of appointments for others. What is best for your needs will depend on the number and type of treatments included in the smile makeover treatment plan.

While many smile makeover treatments can provide immediate results, it is important to note that some options require longer periods before the final outcome takes shape. We can provide you with a more detailed outlook once all the options have been considered for your smile makeover treatment plan.

How Much Does a Smile Design and Makeover Cost?

Much like the rest of the components of a smile design and makeover procedure, the overall cost will be closely linked to the specific options chosen and the extent of treatment necessary to meet your needs. An estimate of the total price can be provided at your initial consultation once the treatment plan is created. Our practice accepts all major credit cards and works with a third-party financing company that can help qualified applicants pay for their smile makeover in installments. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you want to know more about smile design and makeover procedures, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, contact our practice today!