Help Survivors of Human Trafficking by Donating to Free The Girls Here at Restorative & Implant Dentistry of Bayside

The team at Restorative & Implant Dentistry of Bayside is proud to lend our support to Free The Girls, an organization committed to helping victims of sex trafficking re-integrate into society and lead free, successful, and vibrant lives. Free The Girls invites individuals to become an Everyday Abolitionist by making donations, sharing their own stories of human trafficking, or simply volunteering their time to help previously enslaved women become whole again.

One of the innovative ways Free The Girls works to accomplish these goals is by soliciting donations for bras—yes, bras!—so that women can become more financially stable by selling them in the thriving second-hand marketplace. The organization says that bras are sought-after items in many areas of the world in which Free The Girls is helping women. With enough inventory to start a business, survivors can become community entrepreneurs and embrace safe economic opportunities.

Restorative & Implant Dentistry of Bayside is a drop-off location for new bras and those that have been gently used but are in good condition. If you would like to make a bra donation to Free The Girls, you can do so right here at our office in Bayside, New York. For more information on this important program and other ways you can help, please don’t hesitate to contact Restorative & Implant Dentistry of Bayside. You can make a difference!